Sense of life

it is stupid question.
there are a lot of gurus and life coaches, but I dont believe in them
some people says that you should be happy by little things and I am agree, but it is specific vibe of the soul
I believe that when people becomes old, start be happy of theese things.
No find sense of carrier succsess - it is far away from me
It is hard for me now, the music, the movies that makes me interested becomes nothnig special.
Relationships becomes fake, the only reason to stay alive is my parents, dont want to make them sad.

how you find the

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I had a “life coach” for a day. He told me I was mentally ill because I had a “weaker mind than he did”. That was a year after a therapist told me I had the strongest mind she has ever encountered…and the reason I’m able to thrive as well with sz as I can was because I had a strong ass mind. Not sure what qualified him to be a “life coach” but he was fired immediately. He said many other ignoramus things. It gets better man. I used to get pissed off when ppl said "it’s the little things in life " then I said “the little things that happen do make me happy!” Now I don’t even think about it, it just makes me happy and I go with the flow of it all. I kept myself alive because of my parents and my fear of death. It kept me alive long enough that I’ve achieved happiness

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Death coaches. :slight_smile:
Anhedonia for me means that I can only be happy helping others feeling good.

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yes, I did it for a long period, than understood that ppl are egoists

Thats why they really need our help :slight_smile:

it depends on the society and the ppl
where are you from?

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I find nothing to be happy about. I stepped out in front of a truck today but moved back to curb seeing as he was going to stop anyway.