Senior Dogs

Thank you Locamotion I have three other dog. At this time they are enough.

From the country Ridgerunner

I’m sorry to hear this but I think you did the right thing and he has found peace, as you said, the good memories will soon overpower the pain of the present, he sounds like a wonderful, loyal, intelligent and well loved dog that he saved your life in such an insightful way. With my pets that died or were put to sleep we now have special photos of them on a shelf in our front room along with my cats ashes we have photos that bring special memories, with my first dog (well he was my mums dog and was about 12 when I was born) charlie it was him at the beach and my mums favourite photo, with my cat it was her on my lap and not in pain, with our two guinea pigs that have passed, scamp is him having a bath surrounded by bubbles (he loved the bath and I used to have fun with him because he’d just squeak so much) and Jasper it was simply just a nice photo of him before he became so sickly. We light candles for them on their birthdays and anniversary of their deaths.

Maybe you could do something similar for pepper? I’m aware you may already have photos up or not want to but thought I’d mention it as I look at them photos and remember the good.

Take care,

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