Senior doctors call for crackdown on home genetic testing kits

I’ll confess I’ve uploaded my raw data to several 3rd party sites. The results given vary quite a lot.

Okay- genetics. Usually, there are variants, which is just a version of mutation.

In genetic classifications (or at least what I’ve seen in my report) there are generally four or five classifications for variants:
Pathogenic- ‘disease-causing’ or variants that have been confirmed to cause problems
Likely pathogenic- ‘reported to cause diseases’ or variants that have various reports of problematic examples
VOUS/VUS (variants of uncertain significance)- Kinda an ‘I don’t know’ situation. This doesn’t mean that it is not disease-causing. It could be, but it is either rare or not discovered yet.
Likely benign/benign- As it says, not disease-causing.

Variants are classified as these for mutations and there are inheritance modes for genetic problems. It just differs on how the program interprets risks, dangers, or increased chance of getting a disease.
It’s not wrong to test DNA though; you just have to be careful when you are uploading them somewhere. Those letter changes can be messed up or read incorrectly. Also the TTN often breaks programs so it is a real pain for some programs.

Do you have the variant numbers/locations that you are concerned of?

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