Send money i need my lawn mower needs repeared

my mower had a brake down cost of 200 bucks. and the grass needs cut like yesterday .

I don’t have a lawn mower. I got a garden service that cut my lawn once a month for a minimal fee. Keeping a lawn mower running can be very costly.

You could hire a herd of goats to eat your grass. :grin:

I no longer have grass in my yard, it died due to the drought and watering restrictions. I guess on the positive side—I no longer need to mow it.

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Moonbeam you’re always coming up with clever ideas!

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They have services now

Rent a goat

To mow your lawn

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Actually someone else’s clever idea. They have local businesses here in CA who hire out their herd of goats for eating dry grass and brush. They set up a temporary fence perimeter and then let the goats loose to munch away for several days and all vegetation is literally eaten away down to ground level.


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