Semi-delusion: birth control is poison

I quit my birth control pills a few months ago.
I’m asexual, but I have hormone issues, so I was put on them to stabilize the hormones.

Although I know deep down it’s not true, I have a feeling it was done partially to normalize me. To make me less trans. Less likely to fall for women. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how my gender attraction preferences coincide with the fluctuations in my hormones.

“It’s the one with the lowest chance of making you fat” they said.
I’m not obese. Just a bit pudgy.
I know the ovarian cysts worsen with overweight, but still.

I’ve almost never had this issue with antipsychotics, but I felt like the birth control was poisoning me, feminizing me against my will to make me more acceptable to society.

Is there any way to beat this belief?

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