Selling art to my father can’t cope

I have agreed to sell 4 bits of my best art to my father.
Weird? Not if it wasn’t for him being a creep
He was such a sex fiend when we were growing up and as soon as we were agreed on a price the sexual inuendos started

He also sent a YouTube conference he arranged and led, on climate change

It was about how we can’t really even depend on our lives not changing completely even in the next 20 years
How any talk of even mitigating the climate crisis is pointless
Not that we need to do less to change it but more

Food and water supply not guaranteed
Society as we know it transformed if we are prepared broken obviously
I believe in every word of it but it came from my arsehole father
Thinking about building raised beds for veg growing
One day it could be used to help feed us

The film also talked about how people over estimate what they can do in a year but under estimate what they can do in ten years

If only he wasn’t a huge letch
I’m stuck feeling dirty now

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