Selfish love

I thought I was loving and giving but I was only doing it to make myself look good.

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That’s not love at all…that is manipulating.

We all do it in varying degrees. I recently let go of a lot of friends I was holding onto for no other reason other than “it filled my life”. I let go of the fake shell I was showing to attempt a certain life, and instead just show what I really am, and say what I really think. I now have, what I consider to be, 3 friends; and believe I truly love these people.

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If you have to manipulate people, it isn’t true. If it isn’t true, deep down you know it never will be true and it feels hollow.
Replace manipulation with truth and life feels more solid.

chordy is always too hard on herself I think

To think on it, csummers, underneath it all was religion and fear.

Then you were only doing what you were taught.