Selfie guide

what makes a selfie tastefully sexy? I’m going on vacation soon, can you show me some examples?

PS. Just having fun, no harm intended. Please post only appropriate pictures. :o)


I guess I have to be dangerously pretty at first or a VS model.

Get yourself a good photo app. Basically that’s all. Everything is a lie and less glittering than it looks.

And a selfie stick if you really want a pro selfie.

honestly I use photoshop and know how to photo retouch. These selfies are pretty natural, this is a VS model, she is maybe 5,8 at 120 pounds. she is very beautiful. Photoshop is used for colour correction and removing blemishes mostly.

I look fine in general, but need some ideas to look better and dangerously pretty. :joy:

I downloaded some apps for iPhone but they’re horrible, they’re removing the image sharpness and just blurring everything.

maybe I need to lose like 30 pounds and just be a walking skeleton.

“Pretty natural”, you mean like without much make-up? Those are professional photos and I think more than a few people have worked on them. :slight_smile:
Try instabeauty. Heard its a good one.


yeah you’re right, maybe making the nose smaller etc but I have a lot of beautiful friends too, some people are photogenic.

Yeah that’s the app I tried, it’s blurring a lot and losing sharpness, it’s also kinda unnatural when you use it excessively. Maybe to my eyes. don’t know. I wanna take some beautiful selfies, in a natural way without makeup. I guess I will just try and see.

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Yah!—that’s how things were done in the “olden days”. :wink:
Back then we were too tired from trudging 6 miles to school, uphills both ways in 4 ft snow, to be takin selfies all the time.

EDIT–Sorry @77nick77, I quoted you before you could remove your post :grin:


No problem. Enjoy your evening, moonbeam.

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Would you take my picture @77nick77?

I’m just kidding.


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@77nick77 You have a good evening too. I hope you’re staying cool. Gotta love that California :sunny: and it’s forecast to get even hotter later in the week.

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This cat needs to consult the selfie guide…


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