Self Reduction

Being bed bound is truly dreadful, I was like that for three months.

Can’t afford that this time as I have no one to look after me.

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3 months 151515

I was on 20mg of Olanzapine and it was a killer

If you don’t mind raised prolactin then Amisulpride is by far the best I have been on

Lurisadone is good as well

Yea this is Latuda that I was on it.

i’d not taper off yet then… but it’s your choice of course…

Lurididone doesn’t seem to increase weight or prolactin so may be a good idea.

I’ve had meds that made me groggy for the first while, but then my body adjusted and they no longer have that effect.

Any possibility that might be the case?

Hate to see you have a relapse

Yeah is possible I hope. Just have no motivation at the moment

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Every time I see this thread title I imagine a person in a frying pan trying to reduce themself and become sauce.

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I need to lose about 20 lbs.

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