Self planning

Does it works? How to deal with motivational issues

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Setting alarms on my phone to remind me to change my sheets, shower, feed my animals ect has helped me tremendously. Time gets away from me very easily. It’s also a huge help to write important events down, planning and scheduling is always a good thing I reccomend it

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That’s awesome that you can plan. And check goals achieved. I wish I could do that. I want to improve in StarCraft but it requires planning

Planning is good and all, but sometimes I focus too much on planning and not enough on doing. Like I’ve been making plans to start jiu jitsu and I’m planning and planning and planning yet I still havent actually gone to a class.

Maybe instead of making a plan to play starcraft you just play starcraft instead? Sometimes winging it is fun!

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I play but after I beaten up I don’t always recognise my mistakes. I need to plan strategy. Write on wall at my home be obsessed about it like mad scientist

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