Self motivation!


brah which med ur on…

holy ■■■■, a bit outta my league anyway lol :smiley:

‘A pilot study of loving-kindness meditation for the negative symptoms of schizophrenia’

This pilot study examined loving-kindness meditation (LKM) with 18 participants with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and significant negative symptoms. Findings indicate that the intervention was feasible and associated with decreased negative symptoms and increased positive emotions and psychological recovery.


eeeew…that sound ■■■■■■■ appalling

I don’t think any of that motto material is too much for anyone. I’m deciding to just watch it once awhile to keep myself in line and have more integrity. I’m on a lot of different meds truthfully:

vit d3 2000mg
vit d 50000 a week

gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day

metformin 850mg a day

invega sustenna monthly

serequel 200 mg a night

Zoloft 150mg a day

Geodon 60 mg a day

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I favorite the site, the pdf looks pretty extensive.

Sry, I just saw the pic and the title and decided prematurely that I wouldn’t stand a chance


THat why I favorite things, a lot of articles at first catch me off guard and I have to wait to really assess things once in awhile. I need to open my letters still lol. Damn having an address sometimes. And phones.

i absolutely agree. I seek also to be completely anonomous in all ways.

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i second this. watched it though now and get it.

‘Loving Kindness Meditation’ guided.