Self Medicating?

I have 5 prescribed meds but they make me so tired and like I cannot function m. I have to admit I have been dabbling with self medicating, just so I have the energy needed to get up & to normal things. I think it’s making my delusions & paranoia worse. Anyone tried these types of uppers & what was your experience?

Take your meds as prescribed, if you mess with them you’ll end up having the mental circus in town and you don’t want that.


If by self-medicating you mean caffeine and nicotine, that’s something most of us do without seriously messing ourselves up (aside from the major health risks if the nicotine comes from cigarettes). If you are talking about booze or illegal drugs, that’s just bad news and they should be avoided. Messing with your dosages of prescribed drugs is also a bad deal and will keep you sicker over the long run.


If the excessive tiredness is a huge problem in your life, a better course of action would be to ask your doctor to lower some of your doses or get rid of some meds. I was also very tired when I was on higher doses, but once they were lowered, I found a balance. I still sleep 10-12 hours a night, but I’m not sleeping during the day anymore.

Uppers all increase dopamine production, which would lead to an increase in symptoms. Even caffeine can be too much if you’re especially sensitive.

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I found coffee helpful in moderation however I think that’s a pretty typical response in the beginning. Thing’s usually get better with time. How long have you been on meds?

the meds i am on make me drowsy etc, but thats a good thing because its giving your brain a rest. your body needs to rest too. please dont take uppers they are naughty things and make your heart race

the doc has given you these meds to help you xxxxxx

Thanks guys. Just so hard to function

Thanks pixel - I know Its stupid. But impulse control is so hard.

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13 mos. But they keep changing them