Self induced, Drug FREE high?

I have been able to do it for a while now, I go into a low level trance for meditation, and just WILL myself to be high, and its like I get this huge blast of endorphins or something, because a couple minutes later I cant shut up and I’m happy like no ones business…it lasts for about a half hour, but just like with a drug induced high, I have this crash afterwards where I feel miserable, which also lasts about a half hour.

Has anyone else been able to do this? I discussed it with my Pdoc once, and shes never heard of it. I talked to the person who taught me how to meditate and she smiled and told me I had stumbled upon one of the lesser known secrets. She also said that with time I should be able to keep it going for several hours and not have a crash afterwards.

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I cant like youv mastered it. I once went deep into meditation and flew up rainbow road met someone and talked for a while…i came back and was happy to the point of feeling high for several months…tasted nirvana i guess…im amazed you can sip from this glass so easily congrats…


It’s all brain chemistry. The Buddha sat for a long time and found enlightenment. I’d say that is a high in itself and a similar mental process.

I’m schizophrenic. I find it hard to meditate. Mind just too busy even on the meds…but hey good luck to you. If you can get away with it then it’s not a drama. I’d worry about the downside. That isn’t good in any shape or form.

A friend in the struggle,



I get pretty major euphoric moods at times. Not by choice though


Its really easy for me to do, but I can only do it once or twice a day. I’m thinking of asking my Pdoc to have me set up with an appointment to have my brain activity monitored while I do it to see if there are any noticeable changes there


Yeah that’s the way it works, but it is so amazing the feeling, because it doesn’t come with the usual side effects of drugs like seeing/hearing things or being comatose for a time, I am completely functional while experiencing it. Simply cannot express how great it feels. and unlike a drug it don’t have to do more to get the same feeling!

Sometimes I can space out and drift back behind the noise… was trying to last night and it wasn’t working… had to much to process.

I do find that sleeping with ear plugs and a sleep mask does a lot to quiet the voices.

Yea.before I have my moments of bliss I’ll rethink the repercussions . I know it’s going to drain my energy, so this will bring forth bipolar mood swings in my case. I feel like if I get to happy my mood won’t be stabilized for the rest of the day. It’s kinda like chasing the first high but after a while it gets boring therefore less dopamine. But I will say it can be romantic to one’s self. Playing with endorphins,serotonin,dopamine and oxytocin is my chemical romance

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Free drugs for everyone

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Kinda like the night before school starts after summer break, maybe that morning, or winning the jackpot. You’ll be so high dude like Christmas eve and it’s always the anticipation of events.

Its about meditation

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@Kazuma Those are chemicals that’s released during meditation. Street drugs does the same but at way larger amounts. Then the neurotransmitters becomes like an empty bottle with one drop of water, that use to have more water. Meditation is beneficial in a number of ways. You can enter the matrix from there if you master the hynagognia jitsu😉 jk

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