Self-imagination can enhance memory in individuals with schizophrenia

This seems like it might be a good way to improve your memory.

Previous research has demonstrated that self-referential strategies can be applied to improve memory in various memory- impaired populations.


We found a Self-imaging effect in memory, as self- imagining resulted in better performance in memory retrieval than semantic and superficial encoding in schizophrenia patients.

The memory boost for self-referenced information in comparison to semantic processing was not found for other self-referential strategies.

In addition no relationship between clinical variables and free recall performances was found. In controls, the Self-imaging condition did not result in better performance. The three self-referential strategies yielded better free recall than both superficial and semantic encoding.

Here is more information about this approach to improving your memory:

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Can you give me a concrete example of self-imagination as it is described here?

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Is muscle soreness in the brain a good sign?

That twists my mind like a pretzel trying to follow it. And still I don’t. How does that enhance memory?

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