Self harm - really?

mortimermouse posted a lecture so i watched it,
surprised me when they said top thing to self harm is your genitals.
really? anyone here know how to self harm your genitals?
i had a vd once and that was painful, screamed when i peed,
hopin not to be doin that again,

i would have thought self harm was your arms,
or doing drugs with needles, or me maybe biting my lips till they bleed i used to do,
gets addictive sometimes, quit recently a few months ago
really? i never though about the genitals, not really sure what exactly i need to do?
i heard of women in africa some social thing so they don’t go mating,
what do guys do- wow wait, i heard something
a long long time a go a story i read shocked me -
a boy, 12 , on an island, becoming shaman,
yeah i guess this is sz.
the warlock, the initiation, they took a rock
and they beat his dick till it was three different pieces.
ok i never heard of anything else like that,
and i doubt i’m doing that unless someone can explain to me why thats so great…

i just wanna practice non action and leave it alone, not use it, let it sit,
if that’s self harm then there i go…

I’d say arms…

Hearing genitals on the lecture was a new one for me too. I follow some girls that self harm on tumblr and follow a help blog and I have never seen reference to that type of self harm. Usually it is arms, inner thighs and stomach. Places where it doesn’t show in most clothing.

I managed to avoid this one somehow. I never felt the need to just take a few slices here and there. I’ve only sliced myself open twice, and it was under two distinct scenarios…

My imaginary friends told me to give them blood and make them real when I was young.
Or, I was opening my veins up in hopes of leaving this life.
But to do this for release of anguish? I get it, but I’ve never been compelled.

I regularly pull pubic hair.