Self esteem

This is still coming from a 43 yr old…
But I have had a psychiatric doc say I have autism without learning disability obvs with schizophrenia …
If you have a very low self esteem does it make you more likely to hang on to negative shytt others say?

Or is that just normal ?

Been carrying around that I’m shytt cos of my addiction to spending- when it’s not a default definite life judgement

Throwing shytt at people’s generosity

Expecting the same when I own up to the latest

Absolutely. The lower your self esteem, the more you hang onto these things. People with high self esteem can brush it off.


I have a lot of gratitude for your response
I was waiting for a response without hope of reply cos it was such a stupid question
Sick of this
Putting it in different words today - self esteem is the non T.A. Way of saying it
Been on life position I’m not okay you’re okay forevermore

You are most welcome.

I don’t understand what “T.A.” means in this context.

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Sorry Transactionsl analysis life positions
I’m okay you’re okay
I’m okay you’re not okay
I’m not okay you’re okay
I’m not okay you’re not okay

Psychotherapy from the sixties


If you have low self esteem? Others say…is it normal?

If you are looking for other peoples opinions sbout you and you cant make up your mind about you then its a problem. Any person could have this problem.

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Okay thanks
That’s also true and also helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m working through this very thing with a T now. I think so because I’ve held onto things from ten years ago that was based on one girl’s opinion but you know what they say about opinions as everyone has one…Still a shite contrite

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It’s better to work on your character than on your reputation, because character is what you are, and reputation is what others think you are.
If you have low self esteem, it could be because you just haven’t realized your own worth. It’s there, you just have to accept it.
No one can take your worth away, but, that power is unfortunately, within ourselves…although it’s not really gone, it’s just in hiding.

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When you have nothing to enjoy and feeling this disability it brings this low self esteem, try to rich yourself by searching for sth pleasant( maybe a comedy movie or whatever) sth you can enjoy and understand yet and you will feel proud of yourself by this richness,

A psyche without the ability to enjoy is poor and poorness brings low self esteem,


The mental faculties work like:

information in; experience out.

So it’s an input/output calculator. Control the output by controlling the input information.

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