I am struggling with self-disciplin. I make stupid decisions, sleep a lot, eat badly, dont exercise, use the internet a lot and cant stick with resolutions and appointments with self and others, etc. I feel the meds are making this worse. But I feel bad about it. I often do things that I regret.

I want this to change.

What can one do to be more disciplined? Can you train it, even on meds?


Make a list of all the things you want to do more of and just even if u say to yourself I’ll do ten minutes aday of that. Write down what’s important to you.

I guess one shoul think inorder to disipline. And often.times you just have to do.things you dont like. Like force yourself to eat if you have come to think you are loosing too much weight like me. Its hard to.not do things that you shouldnt do. Im struggleing with that.


I’m always thinking of ways to get out of doing things I should be doing. Self discipline is hard, especially on meds that make you tired all the time

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Push yourself till you start feeling bad.

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Set up a reward system. If there is something you need to do, and you want a delicious slice of pizza. Tell yourself that you will do the task, and delicious pizza is your reward.

That’s how I was for the first 3 years of sz. I put on 50 pounds, was showering every 3 weeks, etc.

Then I sort of hit rock bottom, and in the past couple of years have lost a bunch of weight, exercise and shower daily, etc.

Maybe you will be like me and get sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time…

Good luck!

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Limit internet time.

You need to become action oriented. Have a plan and do what’s necessary. It’s as easy as doing what needs to be done. Just do it.

At the same time you need to find your motivation. Why are you doing it? How can you give yourself a punishment and reward to motivate yourself. Sitting around with excuses and self pity is not acceptable. You got to push it

being disappointed in oneself is difficult. maybe your self disciple could be about not following the masses. my experience leads me to believe our choices are not the final say on our health nor our length of life.

my mom got early onset alzheimers. it was horrible. she did not drink, smoke, do drugs, she exercised, ate plenty of vegetables, and so on.

i guess for right now i might just suggest not judging yourself harshly. be on your side. and if your being kind and such maybe that matters more.

Thanks for all your advices. I’ll try and implement them to do and achieve more!

I also think the last advice is important though. It really made me think, maybe I am too judgemental of myself, because I tend to beat myself up afterwards horribly and for ages for my failures, which only makes me feel superbad and achieve nothing anymore while beating myself up. I somehow still feel I should function as well as any healthy person, which isnt so realistic.

E.g. today I didnt do everything I planned to do, because i feel paranoid. But I did go to my volunteering appointment and a first appointment with my new psychologist. I can either feel bad for not spending a full productive day (I planned on finishing an assignment and getting up early and cleaning my home) or feel proud for at least doing two things and having normal conversations with people for hours despite feeling horrible and paranoid.

And maybe it all starts with making realistic demands of myself, so that I feel I can really accomplish them and am not discouraged to even start. Being busy and social all day while paranoïd and depressed might be unrealistic.

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