Self-defence Mechanism

I always carry two sets of keys in my hand when i go outside, as i believe they will protect me from any danger out there.
Do you have any self-defence mechanisms?

I have a second set of keys also that I like to carry, but they don’t go to anything I own. They are my “decoy” set that if someone were to steal, or I lose, I wouldn’t care. I keep my real ones to a minimum, and always in the same safe place.

One time my wallet got stolen-ripped right off the chain attached to the messenger bag that was my purse.
It had my drivers license and was chock full of credit cards and cash. The only thing in it that was real was my drivers license, the rest contained all those fake credit cards the companies send you in the mail hoping you will sign up for, and dozens of copied paper money I had hand colored with color pencils-(just because I was bored and like to color things)
Would have loved to been there to see their face when the opened that wallet!

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