Selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors for schizophrenia


Its for negative and cognitive symptoms…!! Thanks for sharing…!!!

i know they tested only nri’s and not dnri’s like wellbutrin, but i noticed an improvement in some of my lethargy and motivation problems after starting wellbutrin, so i can believe this


The summary said reboxetine helped with negative (but not cognitive) symptoms.

It is an antidepressant that is currently on the market.

I don’t know if it’s available where you are, but you could ask your doctor.

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Sorry i misread it …thanks twinklestar yes we are desparatly needing med for negative symptoms…
U are right twinkle sister it may be not available in our country …!!! Cuz new medicine are really expensive… our country cannot afford it …!! It has to be generic…!!

It’s not available in the US, but it has been out in Europe for 20 years.

So probably worth asking.

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I am from tiny small country nepal …i think they are only available in Europe … no chance in nepal… i am mainly intrested in Anti psychotic which treats negative and cognitive symptoms…!!! Like Aut 00206… which treats all the domain of sz like positive cognitive and negative… i hope it will pass all its phases and become available in Nepal soon…

Take care twinklestar…good morning have a lovely day…i am at my brother house i dont have extra medicine for today… i dont know if u can sleep without rispridal and seroquel…

Dont forget to take ur medicine @twinklestars…

Lets see if i can fall asleep without it or not …!!! .

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I take cymbalta.