Seen any movie lately?

Post away , on the look out for something good


Last movie ive seen was ‘inside out’ it was kinda cute

Death Squad:

Rutger Hauer (Actor), Daryl Hannah (Actor), and Danny Glover.(Actor)

This modern movie was for people like me. It’s got old geezers playing leading roles, and the characters have messed up brains as if the bunch of them did a lot of psychedelic drugs.

C. and I watched it as her place. We didn’t mind the violence too much.


The last movie I saw was prometheus on TV.
Dumb and Dumber to - was the last movie i watched
It was ok
I don’t watch many movies anymore 'cause i can’t sit still long enough

The Martian. Great sci-fi type flick with a uplifting ending. recommended for happy people.

I saw this movie last week. It reminded me of a man whom I met when I lived in my auto in Miami Beach in 2001 and how he told that he had fought in the forests of Poland against the NAZIs during the 2nd WW, this Jewish man was over 80 years old back in 2001, today he would be 98 years old.

This is an old one.
Thank goodness they have better meds now.

I just saw Spy with Melissa McCarthy. It was funny and good, though more violent than I expected.

if you’re into horror movies/good ghost stories, go see crimson peak. it’s amazing.
i also saw ant man recently which was really good, and i’m not normally a huge fan of comic book movies.

“A Christmas Carol” is the movie I always watch around Christmas time. Any rendition of it is good.

I just a couple of days ago downloaded “Terminator Genisys”.

It was not that bad, plus it was free.