Seems like

minutes ago
i was in bathroom
i feel like i had urge to urinate
but i stand no urination at all
voices keep talking as they punish me for things i say in my mind
can this happen ??
can voices do so ??
i m taking meds
right now i m on low doses

from time to time they spk about they will

  • they will kill me
  • they will made to me kidney failure

Seems like things to bring up with your doc. Even if your on low doses you might need to adjust up and a doc should be able to help. I am on as low as I can go of zyprexa at the moment but that hasn’t/maybe won’t again be the way. I’ve gone up before when I got more positive symptoms. Important thing is to talk to your doc and adjust things accordingly.

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i heard about psycho-somatic symptoms
can this be one of symptoms that affect body ??!!!

You can get tactile hallucinations but same advice. Chat to your doctor.

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Could be an enlarged prostate. My dad has those issues. Yeah, as Rogueone said, maybe a doc visit is in order.

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