Seems jobs roll over faster than a dog these days

I went to the job agency in May. There was a different set of 10 people working there now there is a whole nother set. How are they supposed to set an example for me getting a job when they cant keep their own? My generation is so unloyal when it comes to jobs its unbelievable. The instability kind of discourages me from a degree-type job.


That’s funny. An employment agency that can’t keep it’s own staff… Geez. :joy:


The question I’m asking is, why did you go to the job agency now? Problems with your current one? (sorry I’ve lost track of your job status… was it a temp position or a permanent part-time?)

It was temporary but I could’ve got hired. I experienced problems at the workplace and I want to work on them with my therapist before I go back to work. So I went in to fill out some forms. Every person working there was different. My music is really improving I wish I can just do that but I know its better to have a part time job.

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Employers can be pretty darn unloyal too. In lots of jobs you’re just an anonymous body to wash dishes or stock shelves. They could care less about your situation or yur problems. They know you are replaceable; there
s a thousand guys who could fill the position so they pay you low wages.Some jobs you might get sick and miss three or four days in a row which is grounds for getting fired.

The high rollover in many of the jobs available to me was one of the reasons I quit trying to work. Being dependent on the government i knew my check would cut if I worked and I read that the government would restore my check “within the space of a year” if I lost my job. If it took months I meanwhile would have to pay my living expenses, rent and utilities or end up homeless. And when you are have schizophrenia and can’t drive it’s hard to find a new job. I also worried about working so much that I became disqualified for disability.