Seeking punishment

With me, it takes the form of an overactive mind.

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U seek punishment?

I seem to. I’'m not myself unless I imagine myself being kicked around.

Idk if this is the same but I have this thing if my gut gets scared of someone I try to find a reason why they r not perfect so that I don’t feel so scared.

I try to also be more careful to try and trust in people’s goodness too so that I don’t feel so scared.
Just to give that trust a chance otherwise I’m just living in fear.

If I can get my mind to work that hard it sounds like good advice. My defense mechanisms aren’t strong. I’m afraid self punishment becomes just another bad habit.

Yup, that’s why I cant ever work again.

My mind is shot and the more I put it to work the more it hurts.

That’s why I rest more than half the day.

how do you punish yourself?

sorry to hear that

I give myself fierce tension headaches overthinking, negative thinking and unrealistic thinking.

ok, that is troublesome. I know about negative thinking it is very vicious and not easy to get rid of sometimes

hope it gets less for you…

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