Seeking ideas for cognitive symptoms

Im seeing my doctor sometime soon and was looking for ideas for drugs to bring up with him that could maybe help me with cognitive symptoms. Any ideas?

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Just talk with them. Between the both of you, you should be able to come up with a good medication regimen.

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believe me iv talked to him for over 10 years and that hasnt helped. If i want something i always have to suggest it.

Sarcosine works pretty well for cognitive symptoms.

At the moment, try Amisulpiride in low doses or Aripiprazole, Brexpiprazole or Cariprazine (most promising since it has by far the highest affinity to D3 receptors).

In the future, wait for Roluperidone (= MIN-101): (They had a presentation of the first phase III results two days ago, I hope it will be online soon.)
News about Roluperidone/MIN-101

I don’t know if Lumateperone helps for cognition.

Have you tried rTMS or tDCS?

Prozac calms the mind. I feel much smarter on it.

Sarcosine. I’m on my 3rd day of 2 grams a day, I tapered up. It helps me wonderfully with motivation and appetite. I feel cognitively sharper on this drug. I would reccomend to anyone in a similar boat to me. Ask your doctor of course.

Tl;dr Try sarcosine. Why? Helps me feel better and think clearly.

I would like to try donepezil.

It’s very well researched, but with mixed results and that’s probably the main reason why it isn’t prescribed regularly.
I believe however, it’s gonna work for me specifically. I asked my pdoc about it, she said she will think about it.

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