Seeking disability is one of my biggest crises

I have been very unstable when it comes to keeping a job.

Now my case manager and my psychiatrist tell me it’s about time I stop working (im 52 years old)

I love having a job, even a modest one, and I can’t see myself retiring, but on the other hand, I hope I get less depressive periods, more stable.

I’m not seeking disability personally, it’s too complicated, my case manager seeks it on my behalf and I think i have to accept.

My whole life it’s about to change, the way I see myself.

When people ask me “what do you do for a living” I have to find an answer.

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I had a friend that was unemployed due to disability and when people would ask him what he did he would say “I’m funemployed”


Just say you retired - they don’t have to know why

I also work, and I have been advised countless times to stop by professionals sick of seeing me make myself sick

They have accepted now that I am intent on pressing ahead with it.

At 52 I’d like to be retired. Apparently we have 20 years less than most, so I think it would be fairer to retire early

If you can sustain yourself on the benefits, do it. There is no shame

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Thank you @Joker … Im really impressed you can manage a job having SZ,

That’s a good answer :grin:

I went to a family birthday the other day, and was frightened if any of the strangers suddenly asked me about my professional life.

I don’t want to come with long explanations to why I’m retired.

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An old woman, recently, asked me
what do i do in my life.
I said “nothing”.
“Wow”, she said, “that must be boring”

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When asked what I do for work, I usually say, “Anything for cash.”


I only feel guilty about receiving benefits because I’m convinced that I’m a fraud. There is a lot you can do (apart from enjoying yourself :slightly_smiling_face:). You can devote more time to creative pursuits, travel and enjoy new experiences. If you’re still feeling guilty after all that why not spend a few hours a week working at a charity?

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@Om_Sadasiva - ha, yes, but in unfortunately schizophrenia is one of the least boring illnesses, you are always bothered by something, voices, depression, anxiety.

@NotSeksoEmpirico - you are definitely not a fraud, and no, i don’t feel guilt, just an existential crisis. Doing charity is a good solution or a sheltered job.


Like she’d know… :rofl:

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