Seeing Words That Aren't There

Hi, I’m new to the forums. I would like to share my experiences. In late December 2006 I had a dream of a guy on the ground with me messing with my head. I woke up and gotten a sign that I was possessed. A few days or week later, in my bedroom I saw the first words: “Satan rules”. Ever since my life would never be the same… Later in April 2007, I saw another word “Menace”, then in late May I started seeing people and more words and it’s been that way every since. I believe I’ve been spiritually possessed. Anyway, I’m a Christian that believe in prayer, but that’s where it gets difficult. The spirit possessor showed me negative words every day since 2007, but now the words became negative prayers (Ever since late 2009)! Since then I’ve been seeing negative words and negative prayers every single day! It’s been so incredibly hard to deal with this on a single day basis. So, I want to know have anyone ever seen words that aren’t there, and so why do you believe you do?

Do you do drugs, or were you especially stressed out one day? Also, how is your diet?

I never done drugs, but actually, in early 2006 I went to the mental hospital for severe depression (That’s the stress), and was put on antipsychotics. Then after 3 months, I had my first vision of a baby (I never had visual or auditory hallucinations before that)! So, I believe I developed super sensitivity psychosis, unfortunately…

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it was just fear for me mostly, i didnt read much, like there wasn’t labels attached to people i was just fearful, panicky and delusional, i could tell some people were nicer than others but that could have been a false impression, you cant read a book by its cover they say.

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I’m going to bump the thread.

In the past i also was feeling possessed by demons. Now I am possessed sometimes by an hebephrenic schizophrenic called Mr Thoughtless. But I don’t see letters. Sometimes when I close my eyes i have clear visions of reading books. And I see the pages and words and everything

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