Seeing things normal people do not

I have been following one person for some time. He always walks alone, smokes tobacco and sits/stands in most strangest places. Last weekend he just stood on one bridge looking down to the stream of water. I thought he might jump down, but he did not and I saw him again yesterday. I say hello always to him, but nobody else says nothing. I think that normal people do not notice his existence. He is a very closed person. Do you have any similar experiences?

Certain people have intrigued me in the past. This is the type of guy who would draw my attention.

I am kind of reserved and too busy “living in my head” like my therapist mentions. I do not really take detailed notice of strangers when I am lets say food shopping. I go about my business without purposefully paying detailed attention to my environment. I am anxious when I walk out of my house - too busy living in my head - I usually don’t soak up the crowd