Seeing Sz as a puzzle

If one sees his/her schizophrenia as a puzzle and accepts every part of it, it might be helping to recover betterly. I can’t sort out all the bad things and only keep my good puzzle-parts. Maybe it would make sense to face all the parts and understand them.


Getting on the right meds is an important piece of the puzzle.

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This falls back on the adage of treating the symptoms and not the label… Yeah schizophrenia is a hive of behavioral chains… both on the part of the schizophrenia and the individual… both can demonstrate creativity and intelligence.

Those outside my head love telling me my voices are just unintelligent noise… how pleasant for them it must be to be able to believe that.



good one.

i think this is one of the keys in treating schizophrenia.

doing this to the best of ones ability will create more opportunity for success.

have a hard time identifying parts of the illness

maybe CBT or mindfulness therapy would help me.


Right med to treat what is ?
All medical treatment can not Causation the mind,conscious state,rationality,intellectuality,the thinking,the thoughts,modifying the delusional beliefs,the social position…etc
may be the med can modifying/improvement the temperament condition-no more

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I like to think by taking all the meds

I’m not brain dead

it’s so quiet up there, sometimes I wonder

I think I have treated it as a puzzle. @everhopeful is right about the meds. Wouldn’t be able to start putting together the puzzle if not for meds. Once I got on the right meds, the puzzle makes more sense

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More like a puzzle and rubix cube in one. Maze makes more sense, or labyrinth. I guess they’re the same. But yeah, you have to. And find joy in it, on top struggle creates strength. What doesn’t kill you…

Seeing schizophrenia as a puzzle might certainly help some people with coping and adjusting, especially if it is a new diagnosis for them. Personally, i chose to learn as much as i could about my illness so that i better understood what was going on. I thought that, with better understanding, i could better manage my condition.

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