Seeing so many veterans on the site is awesome, please chat!

I’ve heard recently of all sorts of people utilizing their VA benefits and it’s veterans day. I hope they get everything they need, my girlfriend is sick so I’m not going out and getting a free meal today she has a fever and wanted to stay home with her. Getting good benefits and attention from the VA can sometimes be very hard. They’re slow to change and very sedentary in their ways. I hope that whoever was involved get their benefits though.

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I have been running around a lot for the past few days. To get a free meal for Veterans day I would have to travel almost 50 miles. I just want to stay home today

Happy Veterans Day especially to you and other vets @neveragain


Hey @neveragain! Nice to see you on here again. It is nice that veterans are using their benefits. I don’t have a service connected disability but I have been using the GI Bill and other benefits.

Take care brother and Happy Veteran’s Day! :smiley:


Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service!


I don’t really get the free meals though. Do I have to have a copy of my DD-214 or something? Anyway so far the only thing that I have used is the GI bill.

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@SP2342 Some restaurant offer free stuff for veterans on veterans day. Some will give you just a entrees and some will give you a meal.
Also if I was to go north there a oil change place that will give you a free oil change.
You DD214 will work or a V.A. card if you have one.
Check on the internet for places near you that will do this.
Golden Corral is for some reason having there free meal on the 14th of November. It will be during the evening meal.

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I go to Applebee’s on Veterans Day.

I was in the army from 1977-81, just before the Reagan military buildup. We did work and train hard, but there were also problems with substance abuse - alcohol and heroin were the main culprits. A lot of the system was disorganized, and discipline and morale were bad. We didn’t have a strong belief in ourselves as an effective fighting force. We didn’t think we could beat the Russians. It was a different era back then. In 1980 I voted for Ronald Reagan solely for his defense policy.

I just got back from Apple bees. Got to sit at a table full of vets and told sea stories. It was a good time.

I’m on the other spectrum being raised by someone who has served in armed conflict. (Vietnam war).

It’s not much, but welcome home, we are proud of you!