Seeing Shadows

I do this. Is this a thing in SZA or something?


I’ve seen it too. And spiders too. Spiders more when I have not slept. The black things. Shadow people or demons. Same things different cultures.

Yes it is. Or someone can correct me.

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More likely just a bunch of over-paid creeps using their own brand of low level technology to be the idiots they need you to see.

I see lots of shadow figures when I visually hallucinate. However when I was a child I saw them too. My mum always assumed it was just something supernatural. Now I think she might have been wrong.

When I was young I would see a very tall shadow in the figure of a man. For some reason I thought it was my dead dad. Dunno why but I was never intimidated by it. It was very dark shadow too, like void colour.

Now I see shadow figures out of the corner of my eye mostly. I also see shadow creatures (like big weird dogs) that like to run behind whatever vehicle I’m in during night.

The other day I saw something that made me happy. A shadow of a toad hopping across my path while I was walking. It was really cool and since I love toads I started to smile. It was nice having a hallucination that made me happy.

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