Seeing new psychiatrist

I am going to ask her about increasing Abilify, going on Abilify injections, or switching to something like Invega or Vraylar. My symptoms are hard to control and have been getting worse. I think someone mentioned its more like I have depressive schizoaffective than just schizophrenia or bipolar. I am trying to maintain sanity but this past week has been horrible I find myself losing grasp of sanity; and I found an old prescription bottle full of 40mgs Strattera so thinking it would help my depression i took a lot of it–and made myself even worse. My issue is I think I can overcome this mental illness through willpower alone; but sometimes willpower is not enough and you have to lean on others for support, and be willing to take medications. I don’t know everything and I dont need to be all-knowing; I wish my life were easier so I am focusing on what I am grateful for right now.

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