Seeing my psychiatrist in 2 weeks

Them :frowning:
Me :astonished:
Them :thinking:
Me :smiley:
Them :smiley:


Sounds Good what do you hope to get out of the appointment?

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Actually I’m not expecting much from this appointment. I was going to ask for emergency benzos (2 pills a month) but now don’t think I’ll even do that.

It’s just going to be a routine non eventful appointment I think.

Mine usually goes like this

Pdoc: How are your meds working?

Me: Amazing. One refills, please!

Pdoc: I was wondering how you feel about adding a mood stabilizer to your meds?

Me: Every mood stabilizer I’ve ever been on has made me hallucinate. One refills, please!

Pdoc: But since I just diagnosed you with a mood disorder, even though you’ve had no episodes, the gold standard is really an antipsychotic along with a mood stabilizer.

Me: One. Refills. Please.

Pdoc: Sigh Here is your refill.

Me: Thanks, see you in three months!


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