Seeing my new nurse 2moro

yep, i got a new nurse, they were trying to discharge me but now someone has been allocated after a year of no contact to my case,

i guess they thought i was able to cope but that was then and now is now, even though i am going on holiday soon i still need to see someone before i go even just to discuss what i can do when i get back because i am fed up doing nothing every day (its not nothing) its just a bit meaningless,

i would also like a bit of reassurance about my holiday


What are you doing for your holiday?

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I’m glad you get to see the nurse and get some answers. I’m glad to hear the Florida is still on. :sunglasses:

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i hope you have a nice holiday, you will be fine, relax and enjoy it.
take care

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its getting near now, the trip and the travelling really gets me down but it will be worth it,

we have got the passes for most of the amusement parks like disney and universal

its just all the walking i am worried about, i can only walk so far and then i need to stop and i hope my condition doesnt affect it or get in the way of my enjoyment, also worried about going mental over there but i cant see that happening with all the attractions and distractions and things, the main thing that i want to see is the roller coasters and harry potter and maybe legoland lol

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Have fun. I’m sure there are plenty of places to sit and rest if you need to. You can sit and have a soda or something to “recharge” yourself and get your energy back.

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It does sound like a fun vacation (Holiday) Its good that you have a new nurse too, sounds helpful @Resilient1