Seeing mom and sister on friday for chinese buffet

I don’t know when they will close again so we are going friday to eat chinese buffet…it’s when all we are eating is poor food so it will be welcomed greatly…


That is so awesome. I really hope you have a good time with your family.

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I’ll have a V8 juice in your honour.

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Didn’t you get your dentures @velociraptor?

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Yep. They could only fit the top one because my bottom gum is still healing up. Had some problems with infection. Get the bottom denture fitted on Aug 8. Also need them to shave the top denture where it’s biting in. Hurts! The good news is that you can’t get into much trouble on my current diet.

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I’m so sorry. How much weight have you lost?

I used to go to a buffet when I was young. The thing is now is that I can’t afford it and family thinks money is tight.

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My Aunt used to take my to this buffet when I was young. I remember they had this steamed white fish with lemon and butter. I could eat that all day. It was a weird thing for a kid to want to eat but that’s what I liked.

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It’s good you’re spending time with mom and sis. Hope you have fun!


thanks everyone !! Now I am just day dreaming about it. hot and sour soup, california rolls, egg rolls, chinese dumplings…yummmmm…

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