Seeing life as a kind of bad joke

Because I never knew what my father was going to do and I never knew what my mother was going to say. In those regards, they did not love me. Trying to complain to a doctor was also a joke.

DOUBLE BIND THEORY …whatever response the child gives its never right that can drive a child into psychosis rather than accept the true reality which is my parents don’t love me like they should. cant accept that so brain develops a new way or surviving.

I feel my parents use my illness as a way to treat me sub-human. They create lies in my head and their head. Twist my words. And when I confront them about it I’m “paranoid” or “hallucinating”. But what can I do, they pay for my stuff. Well I’m trying to move out soon but it’s hard. but I’m using government services to help me get jobs, housing, disability…ya.

Yah can’t choose your relatives.

Life definitely has its bad jokes. You live start off anyway with those who brought you into this world. They expect a certain gratitude from you. A little bit goes a long way. They may not pay you the attention to in a manner that is personalized for you. They have their own ambitions. Just try not to say much and go about your business and the bad stuff will pass.