Seeing connections, messages

It helps me stay grounded if i understand the psychological mechanisms at play when symptoms occur. I cant understand why i suddenly will start seeing connections and hidden messages/meanings in songs or the tv and such. Have you ever explored why you do this? Also what helps you stay grounded? I need my rock my therapist gave me me thinks. My mind is just getting carried away…

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It’s delusions of reference. I have this very severely.


I think the realization that your mind is messing with you goes a long way in this. Questioning your thoughts and seeing if there is a more logical reason than what you assume.

Of course, what do I know? I was fortunate in that meds, over time, eliminated most of my thoughts like this. I have not dealt with dealing with symptoms on my own without med help a whole lot.

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Telling myself how probable it is that this or that is true is low is like my last tether to reality sometimes. Im lucky to have that probably.

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