Seeing a counselor for the first time today

It was my father’s idea. She is a behavioral therapist. Does anybody have any experience with seeing a behavioral therapist, instead of a normal therapist?


My father wants to make a plan, just in case he passes away…because I will have nobody to talk to if he dies, and I will be all alone. I have a step mother, but we are not that close. I don’t want to put a burden on her. Is anybody else in the same boat. If your parents pass away, you don’t have anybody.

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I’m sorry you just have your dad. I think having a therapist is a good idea. I’ve had many therapists and types of therapists in my life. And some of them really helped me. When they didn’t, I just looked for a new one, and it all worked out.

You had to do your shiitt

What do you mean @zoa

The only way i could posibly know that was vaccine related psychosys is common in eastern europe,you had to infiltrate and spoil…

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Im waiting all day for response from @Kata and you had to play moderator

When it’s time for my father to go I’ll basically have my brother and some aunts and cousins.

Hopefully I’ll continue to see my case manager and therapist.

Hi Zoa, cheers from Hungary! we are not so far away.

I have done some further research (again,I am not a doctor, just googleing…)

found an article with this title:
"Can COVID-19 Cause Psychosis? " (I cannot paste links because I am a new user)

it is saying that: “In the case of COVID, experts believe it could be linked to the severe inflammatory response”…

So… there is an immune response also after the vaccination, even if much smaller than in case of an illness…so maybe that is causing it.

Anything bad you feel now, hope that will pass very soon… take care there!

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Thanks for reply…
I was in a hell in combination olanzapine treatment when I received vaccine.
It was hardest expirience since I got ill twenty years ago.
Take care of mother :slightly_smiling_face: