Seduced and punished

I guy in a public swimming pool gave me the finger (touching) and I could only get away by mentally striking my head. Then, I made the hit real by diving in shallow water without my hands over my head. The guy was awful. I was about 11 years old. I have not been normal since.

Didn’t you tell anyone about that son of a btch? I would have reported that piece of sht to the police.

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I was visiting in a friend’s city and didn’t know him. Thank you for your support, @Cadevan


I understand. Those things are hard to say, to deal with, and to forget. Have you tried therapy?

Just mentioned it once. It made me very shy.

Take your time and don’t feel forced but work those things out at your own pace and when you feel ready (don’t force yourself to believe you are ready) tell a therapist. He/She will help you and understand you.

You will intuitively know if you’re ready.

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