Sedation on seroquel becoming more manageable

Don’t know if any of you will remember but due to cutbacks my prescription for 600mg seroquel XL was changed to normal immediate release. On the normal release I took 300mg in the morning and 300mg at night.

Boy - that stuff is sedating. I mean falling back to sleep for 4 hours every morning after my first dose. This is VERY different to the XL - on which I had little sedation.

Over time the morning sedation got a little bit better but I was basically running off caffeine. Anyway I just bought a pill cutter and have for the last week have been splitting the seroquel to 4 x 150mg/day. This has been life changing in relation to the sedation. I feel a lot more alert and the need for caffeine has been reduced. Also I take other meds 4 x a day and have a doset box which keeps me straight.


The others meds I take 4 times a day are:

Buspar 10mg 4 x a day
Gabapentin 600mg 4 x a day
Glycine powder 1 teaspoon 4 x a day

Glad you’re feeling better.

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how is the buspar working for you i take 7.5 2x a day it doesnt work that well for me


The first time I took seroquel I fell asleep leaning against a wall while having a conversation with someone. Which is what I took it for, sleep, but that’s all I did is pass the hell out on it. There was this guy I knew at the time who was on like ten times the dose I was taking only he was on it during the day. The van that picked him up in the morning for work used to park in his front yard and the guy would lay on his horn and I’m like man, you’d lay the f off if you knew what he had to take.

That doctor used meds to punish people though, even the social workers working under his boot said so. Did it to me eventually too, mistook my fear and resentment from past experience as hostility so he made my privelage of continuing to live at the only place I felt comfortable contingent on taking high doses of like haldol or something. Slandered me real bad in his records which he would stomp his feet and grind teeth over my right to review. Stuff wasn’t even true.