Secrets of fighting schizophrenia: Social Interaction

I have 4 Torah lessons every week.
It is great to get out of the house and get cognitive activity and social interaction.
I have a goal to further increase my social interaction, to find friends.
I can either find friends who also attend Torah lessons, or friends at the health club that I go to every day.
In any case getting out of the house and getting social interaction promotes recovery!


I need more social intetaction, before I had a couple of friends Whom I went out with.

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Just take care not to denigrate those who, for whatever reason, can not interact socially as easily as you can. Some of us really struggle to get out, whether it is amotivation or paranoia, we find it hard to expand in this sphere. There is also the unfortunate reality of sometimes being surrounded by jerk offs who are not friend material.

Funny enough, it may be my mentality which is holding me back.


I see what you mean about social interaction. I feel like less of a loser when I have friends. (I can’t believe I actually finally have a few good friends now.) But parties and large groups of people usually trigger voices for me. Being surrounded by too many conversations and people is unbearable for me.


I found that moving into my senior living apartment community was very healing for my sza disorder. Within a year of moving here, my paranoia completely went away. So did the mindreading and telepathy. I am doing very well here. Even though I stay by myself in my apartment for like 95% of the time, I have 24 hour access to people here, either residents or staff. And that makes a difference in my wellness.


I really struggle every day just to leave my apartment, but when I do go to the drop-in mental health center for lunch and talk to some folks, I always feel like my day has gotten better. Even when socialization is difficult, I think it helps in the long run.


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