Secret Service Hiring

Story of a bloke who got the most toughest job:

Job description : Schizophrenia

Job roles:

  1. Need to fight and pretend every day is fine.
  2. Need not socialize
  3. Need to forget your past.
  4. Need not think about the future.
  5. You will be tortured it’s a daily routine.
  6. You should not disclose yourself.
  7. You will find a living it midst of torture.
  8. You have secret mission to keep trying and fail.
  9. You will be isolated with no friends.
  10. No one will believe you what you see or do.

And oath to be taken, one must have ones meds, with out fail.


Psychotic conditions are tough


I just went through the job description of actual Secret service I was wrong. Schizophrenia is the worst job.

Continuous comments running against on every action.


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