Secret.........known and unknown

If you have all the secrets of existence at your disposal, what will be your pick, is it one or more or is it ever changing? As far as I’m concerned, I’m lost in a Sea of changes. No matter what happens, it doesn’t matter is the dominant variation and, this is the only Universal truth why Enemies don’t forgive as well as can’t be forgiven. Who is the unspeakable horror, is it you or the Enemy? If at all I’m not such unspeakable horror, then there is one such life form that exists but doesn’t exist. This is one of the secrets of life and the joke is, this secret is both known and unknown why because, it’s always a new life.

  • Sagar Gorijala.

How far do we all go to keep our secrets? Not sure I have any secrets left after the amount of therapy I’ve done. Somewhat feel I’ve sold my soul but frankly feel better for not having any.

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