Secondary to their presence

The worst part about voices is that I can’t think. If I’m not typing or talking, which I feel like I do fine at, it just shuts down. It’s starting to get to me. I want my monologue back, without it im just stranded in afield of voices. Really negative voices. Constantly reaffirming myself. It’s all I do at night.

Nevermind my real problem was not trying and feeling depressed. If I try and recall stuff from my past I can kind of develop a train of thought its pretty difficult still with the voices.

Maybe thinking is a valid tactic in quieting them down. Before I got sick my mind was used to a lot of my own noise.

Have you worked at getting your medicines worked out to quiet the voices?

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Meds don’t seem to touch them. All that’s left to try is the expensive stuff. A med change would be in order and I haven’t responded well during those.

Really though it probably is time to try something new. There seems to be no way to consciously will them away.

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