Secondary Stimulus Check

Seems like the more I look it up online the more garbage and crap floats around with no basis of truth …

Does anyone know the truth about this or is it just a run around?

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If anything happens it would probably be after Biden takes over in January is my guess but I don’t know for sure. I don’t know if anyone knows.

Over here in Oz we are getting $250 at the end of the month and then another in Feb. Not complaining.

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I am getting some support in England, but because I am newly self-employed I am not eligible for the grant scheme, and the furlough thing for employed I missed out on too.

Means I have had no choice but to carry on working

Why do you need stimulus checks when you have a functional welfare system? :thinking: I thought only the US did this.

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Stimulus for the economy. Poor people on benefits spend their money in the community. Well I will for sure :slight_smile:


Our government has been giving money to businesses that are struggling and has helped them pay employees who are on involuntary leave so they don’t lose any income.


Our politicians are too busy fiddle farting around so whatever I read it’s taken with a grain of salt.


I am stealing this phrase from you. :smile:


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