Today I saw seaspiracy on Netflix and cried and cried and cried.

It is devastating how badly we treat animals and environment.

I have also seen cowspiracy and forks over knives.

I want to be a animal rights activist.

Ask me the person I want to be and I would answer a animal rights activist environment activist and feminist vegan who gives a fu ck.

I am a member of a few organisations.
I pay a yearly membership and support their beautiful work.

I want to do more.

The other day I cheated on my vegan diet and had pancakes (milk and egg).

Octopus teacher on Netflix is good too.

We betray them.

They are intelligent and trust us and are killed , eaten alive etc

The best thing we can do is not eat seafood and meat.
That’s the best thing we can do for animals and environment.

I hope I never ever eat meat ever again.

I cry also at how brave and heroic activists are.

I don’t agree with the ones that hate though.thats not the solution.

I’m glad I cried watching seaspiracy.

Good on him for making the film.

Compassion and empathy.:pray:t3:

My boyfriend is vegan weekends when he is with me but it upsets me that he doesn’t seem to care.
It’s just because he eats what I give him and I give him plant based.

I was looking for a partner who cares and who doesn’t eat meat or seafood because they care.
Not many such around perhaps though.

I don’t hang out with any activist but am member of Facebook group for animals rights.

Fish feel pain.
Octopus are intelligent like toddlers yet are eaten alive.
Pigs are smarter than dogs.

I cry for them and how badly they are treated.

I’m so thankful I don’t eat meat or seafood.

One of the best things I ever did was going on a vegan diet.
I left pretty perfect home and family to do so.

Have a look at seaspiracy on Netflix.

Hopefully you will stop eating seafood and meat if you haven’t already.

May I improve myself and be more cruelty free.

This is most important to me.

I hope I find a way where I can do more.

How wonderful that great things can happen.

I believe in a kinder world for everyone.
Trees,water,animals etc

Love love love to all animals
And forests etc


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Wonder what’s up with my vibration because the people I seem to attract and be attracted to don’t seem to care about animals.

The ones that care about animals seem hateful at me for wearing second hand leather.

Maybe I don’t understand the vibration thing or what is up with that.

Better to stand alone for something so important anyway than not stand.


I’m not vegan or vegetarian, not gonna lie to you. I see nothing wrong with people taking that position. I am, however, conscious of how animals are treated. E.g. I don’t eat octopus or lobsters that have been boiled alive. One documentary that is worth a watch is Food Inc. Not sure if you’ve seen it. Shows exactly how animals are treated in America. If my partner and I went for a holiday in America, we would be temporary vegetarians. Now I’m not saying that Australia is free from some questionable practices, but it is fairly easy to identify free range, stall free animal products. My overall plan though, is when the make lab grown meat products, I would switch to that immediately.

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