Seasons- are you aware?

For the longest, I never knew what season I was in. If it is hot, it must be summer, cold the winter. I had to study and learn that fall proceeds summer and spring comes after winter. This coming from a college graduate. How embarrassing.


We only have two seasons. Hot/cold. It really doesn’t vary as much as some places like in the US and Europe.

Honestly. You adapt pretty quick to the weather from my experience. I just think if your in a good climate you’ll never see the seasons and you are just like us…hot or cold. Depends on where you live for sure.

Arizona is basically just winter summer. Mostly summer lol

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Pretty sure it’s winter.

My clothes are all drip drying in the foyer right now.

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Where are you from Gene?

Los Angeles…

Lol! I thought maybe you lived in some extreme climate where the seasoned had very limited impact. That is quite strange tbh. Seems like you didn’t watch enough kids TV :slight_smile:

Did they explain to you why seasons happen too?

I remember learning as a kid… having to do with the tilt of earth and the sun’s positioning. To be honest, I did a survey at a local college and one question was what season were we in. I didn’t know and it was very embarrassing.

I think I just never paid much attention to the weather or whether leaves were in bloom or falling. I literally had to write on my calendar the sequential dates of each of the four seasons. Maybe another reason I haven’t dated much… my fashion sense didn’t align with the seasons… lol

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