Seasonal Shifts

So we are into the second week of cold snowy-ish weather here in Kansas. Gotta say it is impacting my mood a bit more so than I had expected.

I still do like it more. Just the list of inconveniences continues to build. Takes 20 minutes to get my car warmed up. That sets back all the small plan; grocery store runs the key among them.

I don’t mind being cold. That part is refreshing. Unfortunately though, my brain doesn’t quite keep up with the mood end. I do miss having a sense of wider vista to explore. The association crops up when I step out side The intention to linger dwindles as the mind starts seeing feeding the impulse to return inside. Definitely different without the cigarettes.

I hope you all are finding the transition comfortable and the winter isn’t too daunting by any means.

Take care. I was just checking in. Stretching the fingers a bit.

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I can relate and most of us can also.
Its changing in seasons wich make us a little more vulnerable and not only mental ill people but everyone feels the change, some more then others.

Even changing in the day from light to night affects most mentally ill people. At night we all change a little.

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