Seasonal avatars


thought it’d be fun to have some xmas avatars so i changed mine to a polar bear lol with a winter background on my profile, just trying to get into the mood :slight_smile:

why don’t we change some of our avatars for wintery or christmassy themes lol i think i’d be fun :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

or am i just being mad?


I just changed my avatar!!!

Hmm…let me look for something…


There’s a new one.


haha :slight_smile: its kind of ironic bc i might not have my tree up this year what with all the moving and stuff but i love it lol :thumbsup:

hope this takes off lol



I changed mine as well.




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thats a great profile pic, i hope the homeless are safe this xmas/winter :thumbsup:


OMG I cannot stop laughing!


here’s a picture of a robin-



Why are you sorry?


that would have been me if i had not met mrs. sith…well i would probably be dead to be honest !
poor guy… in picture.
take care :alien:


idk what they find so funny :frowning:

i must be oblivious


Sorry I can’t join in on this one - I’m Muslim so don’t celebrate Xmas, and its summer here in SA! Maybe I will change my avatar to a summer theme so I can bring some heat to this forum! :smile:


Actually not funny.
That was also my son at one time.
Pan-sometimes you remind me of my own son…


Mine’s changed. Had to squash it a little bit.


I like Christmas but I like my kitty’s picture more, sorry not going to change my profile pic…it’s connected to my Google account and I’m not sure if I change it here it would change over Google, and well I don’t want all the images to change.


Thanks for joining in patch of blue :slight_smile: you are a real trooper x


That’s good :slight_smile:

As long as it makes you happy


I got mine up, I like it. Hope everyone find suitable ones. Should be fun.
My avatar goes by the name of “Lenard”