Screw You I'm on Holidays

So I’ve been doing my volunteering for well over 15 years now and it’s become an all year round venture. The grass is always growing and the boss…the head groundsman who is volunteer as well is doing less as he’s getting older. With that and us playing more cricket on the turf pitch my hours at the club have doubled.

Anyways. I’ve decided after the end of season next weekend I’m having a holiday. Not going anywhere. Not planning on doing anything other than relaxing, continuing with my exercise and eating healthy and just having time away for a couple of weeks. Like I deserve a little break and it’ll be nice to reset and just not have to go to the city a couple of days a week.

So. Not you…but screw you’se I’m holidaying in true Cartmann style. :slight_smile:


Is good that your taking a break from it all. I myself went to the motel a couple of years back to stop the stress from getting to me. Even though I just had to work a bit on some algebra through the day.

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enjoy that time my friend…I don’t plan on going anywhere for the rest of the month. maybe the library or church.

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Enjoy your vacation (or staycation)! You deserve it! :blush:

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Volunteers deserve vacation time just as much as paid employees. I take breaks from here every now and then as well, to just relax.

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