Screaming/ranting episodes in town when unwell

I do agree that I’m a risk to myself when I’m psychotic as I have seriously harmed myself cutting a microchip out my left armpit. I disagree that I’m a risk to other people when unwell as I have no history of violence but I have had screaming/ranting episodes in town when unwell thinking about are out to get me and it can seem that I’m dangerous.

It’s written down I’m a risk to myself and other people because of these ranting episodes. Could ranting and raving really be seen as a risk?

Even if your intentions are not to hurt anybody when you rant and rave, you can still appear to be dangerous to other people. A grown man who is out of control can be a scary thing. Think of when you yourself are walking down the street minding your own business and you come upon a homeless guy screaming and cursing. It makes you a little scared and you wonder if he’s going to try and hurt you. That’s how you appear to other people when you’re ranting and raving.


Yes. You can still cause fear in other people and it’s in the public where everyone has a right to do their own thing. Control of symptoms is a serious thing with mental health management and there’s obviously a reason they have that on your file so to speak.

I think @77nick77 has covered it well and am just confirming that.

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